The arbitration procedure.

Arbitration, a simple solution to resolve your disputes.

  • Arbitration is an alternate method of dispute resolution through which parties yield power to one or several impartial and independent third parties in order to finally settle a disagreement.
  • In general, arbitration procedures are used to solve business disputes as they offer speed, privacy and minimal costs.

A legally binding decision

  • Unlike a mediator or conciliator, an arbitration tribunal reaches a final decision that is complied within 149 countries around the world (member States of the 1958 New York Convention).
  • eJust offers strictly the same guarantees as a State Justice system or traditional arbitration while permitting companies to solve their business disputes in a simpler and less costly manner.
  • With eJust, the average procedure and charged costs are divided by 10 in comparison to a regular procedure.

About the eJust arbitrators

Devoted to excellence, eJust develops networks of independent, specialized and thoroughly chosen arbitrators.


All our arbitrators demonstrate a proven experience in the area of law relating to the dispute. Depending on the retained procedure, this experience ranges from daily practice to internationally renowned.


Our arbitrators are continuously monitored on the basis of three criteria: respect of due process and deadlines, quality of exchanges between parties, and clarity of awards.


Our arbitrators are invited to training seminars to familiarize themselves with online platform use and its latest updates. They are also tested on case analysis. The outcome of those training seminars and tests is an eJust certification testifying to the arbitrator's ability to practice arbitration through our online platform.


our arbitrators have to sign a declaration guaranteeing they have no actual lunk, or risk of conflicting interests to the parties before taking on a case.

Download the eJust Arbitration Rules

Become an eJust arbitrator

Are you an exceptional law practitioner? Did you familiarize yourself with our requirements? Contact us directly indicating your area of specialization.

Anticipate disputes today by adding the eJust clause to your contracts:

1Insert the eJust clause in your contract

Download the eJust clause and simply insert it into your contract or within your Terms and Conditions.

2When a dispute occurs, log onto the platform to submit your case

Refer to our price policy.

3An independent and specialized arbitrator is commissioned to resolve your dispute

Download the eJust Arbitration Rules.

eJust Clause

In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with the present contract, the claimant may choose either arbitration according to the eJust Rules of Arbitration or the competent state court. This choice is final.

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